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    Rehabilitation Therapy Southampton

The goal of Sports Rehabilitation Therapy can be small or large. It is not aimed soley at athletes and sports injuries. It can be very helpful following an operation or illness, when mobility and strength can be diminshed due to pain and hindered movement.

Rehabilitation therapy involves improving overall mobility and/or restoring full function to one or more parts of the body so that independence is regained and the patient is able to return to normal activities.

Illness Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation therapy can also help following operation or illness, including and not limited to brain injury or illness such as, MS and cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, chronic back and neck pain, related issues, limb amputation, major bone or joint surgery, severe burns, severe arthritis, severe weakness following heart or respiritory failure, bowl and bladder problems, work related injuries and RSI.

Without rehabilitation, regular flare-ups are often experienced increasing the chances of further injury or reduced mobility.

Your rehabilitation is as individual as you are and we will work towards a mutual goal to restore you as much as possibly to your usual health or make as much improvement as possible. Treatment is ongoing and you will be required to carry out excercises at home alongside your work with me.


Rehabilitation Equipment

We offer a range of equipment and aids to help with your rehabilitation therapy:

  • Ice Packs

  • Exercise Bands

  • Exercise Balls

  • Foot Orthotics

Joanne Noyce has extensive sports rehabilitation therapy experience with football, rugby, power lifting and body building. Her clients include some of the Southampton football club players

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