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Jo Sportstherapy and Equilibrium Wellbeing are the perfect combination under one roof. Between the two, they have completely changed everything in my life for the better. I cannot emphasise enough how much of a difference they have made and would thoroughly recommend anybody seeing them. They are incredibly positive, immensely talented and supremely kind people who can make a truly astonishing difference to anybody wanting to become better.


I had seen numerous sports massage therapists and had never managed to get my problem fixed with my shoulder. Jo took a completely different approach which finally sorted my shoulder problem. Her advice and treatment has been second to none.

Kevin Leftwich

I was recommened to see Jo by a friend, I had injured my back at work sometime ago and had really bad back pain ever since, with some days hardly being able to move. I'd seen chiropractors & massage therapists in the past with no real improvement & was sceptical anyone could help me. Jo took a diffeent approach, working on the whole body and explained how the treatment would relieve the pain and rectify my problem, I am now able to work hard again without being laid up in pain after. Invaluable treatment!

Simon Hayne

I first went to see Jo in October 2014, following a recommendation from a friend. I had just completed my first marathon and had badly injured the muscles in my left leg and needed to see someone urgently, so Jo offered me an appointment the very next day. She quickly identified the problem and immediately started working on the muscles. There was a huge improvement after the first session and after a few more it was completely sorted and pain free! She then identified that the cause of the problem was actually much deeper and has been working tirelessly to fix it. Since I've been seeing Jo, I've improved physically beyond recognition and feel better than I have done in years. I had seen other sports physiotherapists previously but none had managed to identify the problems or come close to fixing them. Not only is Jo incredibly talented at her job, she is one of the most kind, friendly and understanding people I've ever met. I would totally encourage anybody to see her as it's the best decision I've made in a very long time!


Since I first saw Emma, she has completely transformed my life beyond recognition in an unbelievably short space of time. She works tirelessly to help the people she sees and the positive difference she can make is truly astonishing! Her utterly astounding ability to instantly identify positive solutions to immensely complicated problems is only rivalled by her incredibly kind, extremely friendly and infinitely understanding nature. Her infectious positivity combined with her immeasurable and unique talents are the perfect combination to produce staggering results. I would completely encourage anybody to see what a truly remarkable and amazing difference she can make.


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