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vitruvian man icon Sports Therapy

As sports people, your goals drive our sports massage treatments. Whether you have a sports injury or not, a sports massage can increase muscle strength and growth, whilst also enhancing and refining your body's shape.

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vitruvian man icon Rehabilitation Therapy

A physical injury can cause an on going pain which requires rehbilitation. We offer injury assessment and rehabilitation services for acute and long term chronic problems. We first assess your injury and then provide advice and treatment.

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vitruvian man icon Occupational & Sports Injury

Our everyday lives and work practices can cause various physical injuries which will require occupational massage therapy. Whether it's a strained back from lifting heavy goods or repetitive strain injury from working at your desk...

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vitruvian man icon Bio Mechanics

Biomechanics is the science of explaining how the human body moves like it does. Biomechanics is used to support and solve issues that may be experienced during sport or exercise, this in turn helps prevent or reduce the injury risk...

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vitruvian man icon Holistic Therapies

We are pleased to have Natalie Torpey join us at Jo Sports Therapy who is offering Reiki, & relaxation massage to compliment our existing treatments. Reiki is a technique that promotes relaxation and releaves stress.

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vitruvian man iconAcupuncture & psychology

Acupuncture's goal is to help patients achieve balance in their Qi (pronounce Chi) which is considered to be the enrgy that powers the body, mind and spirit. Alongside this treatment we offer life coaching and various herbal remedies for your wellbeing.

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